Design Of Smart Therapy Device For Bone And Muscle Healing

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Mr. M. Perarasi, S. Swethaa Priya, S. Shalini, D. Siva Sriya, P. Bhanu Shreeja


Virtual physiotherapy delivers another way to obtain backing from a physiotherapist without the requirement for personal check-ups, by means of online program and exercises we can accomplish at our own place. In this project, an assistive system for paralysis, bone fractured patients and surgery undergone affected individuals; is proposed to train the muscles and retrieve the normal functioning of the lower limbs. The device is completely incorporated and there is no need for the extra settings other than charging the device. The patient can use their smart phone which is installed with our self-developed android application, to control the device by adapting their angles. Our device consists of dual modules; the former one is transmitter and later one is receiver, the transmitter has application which is used for controlling, given to the patient. This receiver module placed over the leg can be controlled using android application through Bluetooth connection. The module which receives the required information will be combined in end to end manner to gear motors that are related to the motor angle. In manual mode, the directions of motor rotation are regulated by the implementation of gear box with the help of the user commands which is given in the mobile phone. Further, this system has vibration motor at hardware side which will be accessed when the patient selects the massage mode in the android application at software side. The android application used in this project, is developed using Android studio..

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