Vehicle Guide To Prevent Accident

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K. Jeevitha , Ugenthar V , Shah Nawaz S , Venkatesh S ,B.Sarala, V.Praveen Kumar


World is updating itself digitally and automatic in the means of technology.  Accident occurs daily, as per the information from internet and newspaper accident is caused due to two main reasons first is due to loss of concentration of drivers and second is due to crossing the limits in the terms of speed and distance of the vehicle.  In order to prevent the accident this idea or prototype will act as a solution. Our idea will calculate the two parameters of the vehicle. The first parameter is the speed of the vehicle and the second parameter is the distance between the adjacent vehicles based on these two parameters we created a simple if-else algorithm to give the alert to the person. Another parameter drowsiness is calculated with the help of sensor in order to indicate the driver whether he/she feels sleepy in order to prevent the accident..

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