Smart And Safely Compartments For Passengers

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V.Ramkumar, A.Jayapriya, N.Nandhini, U.Nanthini, M.Apoorvaa, V.Praveen Kumar


In this 21 st century, all the networks are being developing day by day. Indian railway stands as the longest network in the world connecting various places. People travel day-to-day in trains over short and long distance. As it is a primary source of transport, it must ensure the passengers that there is safe, comfort and secure in travel. There will be some abnormality in the reservation of tickets. Thus, we are going with electronic based service to tackle all the unnecessary failures in ticket booking and to move to a new way of lifestyle by providing tags. At present the reservation of tickets has become electronic based due to its ease. Here we are using GSM model where QR/Bar code technology is being used. This method is used to identify the concerned person where the ticket examiner need not check in person. Thus, we are able to avoid the reservation fraud during train reservation.

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