E-Portfolio Implementation Experiences of Prospective Primary School Teachers

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Şengül S. Anagün, Nurhan Atalay, Celal Murat Kandemir


In the information society, as in all other institutions the functions of educational institutions have changed by the phenomenon of globalization, the rapid spread of knowledge and reaching broad masses, the necessity of co-existence of differentiated cultures, and the development of science and technology. Portfolios help students to assess themselves and improve their ability to express themselves and allow observation of the development that takes place over a specified period due to the collection of work during a specified period, taking these characteristics into account, the use of portfolios in the assessment and evaluation process is suggested. Considering the progress in educational technology, it can be said that e-portfolio implementations, which can provide the products of teachers or prospective teachers to move on to the next teaching process and other teachers and prospective teachers, will become more prevalent. When these developments and changes are taken into consideration, it is expected that the evaluation of the e-portfolio implementation of the prospective primary school teachers enrolled in Science and Technology Instruction II and their related gains in the process will contribute to the field. In the research aimed to reveal the evaluations of primary school prospective teachers about their e-portfolio implementation, the approach of phenomenology was used which is one of the qualitative research designs. In this research, it was aimed to reveal the evaluations of e-portfolio contents and the outcomes related to themselves in the course of Science and Technology Education II of the prospective primary school teachers. In the research, the result that e-portfolio creation process is contributed to the prospective primary school teachers in the sub-headings of "Pedagogical Knowledge", "Field Information", "Technology Use Skill" and "Thinking Skill" was obtained.

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