Regulation Of The Diversification Of The Use Of The District Land Fund Through The General Scheme

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Altiev Abdurashid , Mahsudov Muhammadbek


In This Article We Will Talk About The Current Issues Of Land Use, Guarantees Of Land Rights, Issues Of Diversification Of Land Use In The Development Of Territories On The Basis Of The General Scheme Of Diversification Of Land Use In The Regions Of The District, Which Is Becoming More Relevant Today.

Research  Methods  –  Statistical,  Monographic, Economic-Mathematical, Analysis And Synthesis, Comparative And Logical Concomitant And Other Methods Are Widely Used In Carrying Out The Research.

In The Preparation Of A Scientific Article, Theoretical Research Is Considered A Priority.

The Land Fund Is The Total Land Resources Area Of The Country. The  Regions  And  Districts  Of  The  Republic  Of  Uzbekistan Have  Different Regions, Climatic, Relief And Soil Conditions According To Their Location. In This  Case,  The  Determination  Of  The  Correct, Scientifically Based Position Of Economic Sectors In These Regions And Districts, The Correct Planning Of The Prospects For The Yield Of The Main Crops, And On  This  Basis,  The  Further  Development  Of Agriculture  Is  Based  On  Unconditional  Land  Data.

The General Scheme For The Management Of Diversification Of The Use Of The District Land Fund Is Drawn Up For A Long Period Of Time. The General Scheme Includes The Solution Of The Largest Socio-Economic, Scientific And Technical Tasks For The Organization Of Rational And Effective Use And Protection Of Land Resources Of Zones, Borders, Regions And Districts.

Forecast Indicators Of Diversification Of The Use Of The District Land Fund Should Be Indicated In The “General Scheme Of Diversification Of The District Land Fund”. One Of The Main Tasks Of The Main Scheme Is The Forecasting Of The Desired Areas In The Prospect Of Socio-Economic Sectors.

It Is Necessary To Plan Any Activities Carried Out For The Purpose Of Regulating The Diversification From The Land Fund On The Scale Of The District (City) On The Lower Tier And Take Into Account The Peculiarity Of The District Territory As The Main Factor. The Main Goal Of Diversification Of The District's Land Fund Is The Development Of The District, Increasing The Attractiveness Of Innovation, Ensuring Employment Of The Population.

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