The Design and Construction of a Machine to Improve Production Productivity

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Chanchai Laoha, Naphatara Intanon, Anun Saengkaw, Oangkhan Kurakanok


SMEs need to provide machines to work on behalf of workers. In the past, SMEs have only considered the factors that benefit customers, but not what employees and society receive from doing so. Therefore, this research intended to: (1) increase the efficiency in execution and (2). increase the reliance on satisfied stakeholders. This research is an applied research that was conducted concerning the topic of determining the replacement of machinery for workers.  The problem selection was information obtained from a Thai restaurant that replaced their machinery with the prototype machine. Evaluation of operations resulted to objective of the research as: (1) the cost of investment was low and the payback period was short, which is appropriate in the uncertainty of the Covid-19 outbreak. Objective (2) increased stakeholder reliance which was found to be due to the high productivity rate.

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