Exploration of Effects of Service Quality, Tariff, Motivation on Satisfaction and Loyalty in Pencak Silat Schools

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Agung Nugroho, Tomoliyus, Sumaryanto, Japhet Ndayisenga


Back ground: Pencak silat is Indonesiaa traditional martial arts sport which is management in several universities still conventional. This study aims to determine: the effect of service quality motivation, and tariff on satisfaction, and loyalty. Design / methodology / approach: This kind of research is descriptive with blended methods (qualitative and quantitative).  The research subjects were 90 pencak silat students taken by random sampling. Data analysis techniques used (SEM) software. The result showed that: (1) service quality has a significant effect on loyalty with P(0.031), (2) service quality has not significant on satisfaction with P(0.07) which means that in the hand of service still some needs of improvement (3) motivation has a significant effect on loyalty (4) Price has no significant effect on loyalty with P(0.898) ( 5) All indicators have a significant effect on their connected variables with P value inferior than 0.05; except public indicator which showed that public doesn’t enough supporting pencak silat athletes. Conclusion this study makes an important contribution to any research field as well suggested service quality, price, motivation, and satisfaction are strong tools to increase, and maintain customers

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