A study on understanding future of Artificial Intelligence in the various functions of marketing

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Dr.VaibhavPatil, Prof.Tushar Padale, Dr. Ganesh Waghmare,Prof.Dhananjay Kulkarni


Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a computer or a computer-enabled robotic system to process information and produce outcomes in a manner similar to the thought process of humans in learning, decision making and solving problems. It is reported that by 2022 ArtificialIntelligence (AI) Industry will grow to $ 3.9 trillion. Artificial intelligence is now used in almost all the industries especially in marketing field. NITI Aayog has developed National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in India for economic growth. AI is data-driven decision-making so AI can predict customer behavior.  AI integrates the data from different platforms. These platforms store all kinds of data related to the customers. Data collected by this platform is processed and analyzed to decide customer behaviors and patterns of purchase. Many AI developments helps marketer in preparing dynamic advertisement and send personalize marketing messages. Marketers will proactively plan marketing strategy for customers using AI. Some of the Arifificial Intelligence (AI) tools used by the marketer to give unique and improved customer experience are advertising networks, email marketing, content generation, content curation, voice searching, user experience, web design, chat-boats, send time optimization, recommendation engines. It is recommended that marketing firms must take advantage of AI-driven tools and integrate the new processes, tools, software, and skills at the earliest. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models helps in predicting customer spending habits.  Due to artificial intelligence we can recommend right products to the right customer at the right it time which will increase product sales.

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