The Religious Fundamentalism and the Modernism.A Theological, Psychological and Cultural Approach

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Dorin Gabriel Pandele, Th.D.


The phenomenon of modernism, postmodernism and their corollary - globalization, is a major challenge for society at all its levels: religious, political, social, cultural and economic. Religious fundamentalism is a movement that rejects modernism and its values. The eschatological perspective, the destruction of the world ancient order, a heretic hermeneutic of the sacred texts, as well as the apodictic character of its own value judgments give specificity to any fundamentalist movement in religious terms. Face to this challenges the European states try to build a new inclusive society, where every human being and every community has its own place, in respect of other, and respect of the freedom of everyone. Relieving the tensions within the religious fundamentalist movements through inter-confessional and inter-religious dialogue is one of the objectives through which an inclusive society can become a reality.

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