Opinions of Scholars on the 2018 Social Studies Teacher Training Program

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Hilal Şarpal, İsmail Acun


The aim of the research was to investigate the 2018 social studies teacher training curriculum and evaluate it within the framework of lecturers’ opinions. This research employs a qualitative research approach. Within the scope of this research, documents related to the topic were investigated and semi-structured interviews were held with participants attending workshops during the development process of the revised program with the aim of confirming data obtained from the documents. Questions related to problems in the data obtained from documents and interviews were analyzed with descriptive and content analysis techniques together to obtain answers. The research findings revealed the changes to the revised social studies teacher training program curriculum encompass only the content dimension in the program development process. Data obtained from interviews with lecturers contributing to the preparation of the curriculum support this finding. This study reveals that the difficulties that occurs during implementation of old curriculum will persist during the implementation process for the 2018 social studies teacher training program.

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