An Analysis on the Cultivation Strategy of Innovative Talents in Colleges and Universities Based on the Academy System

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Xu Ruoyu, Kuotung Shih


Under the background of Education reform, the development of China's education is full of strong Impetus, and the number and scale of university construction are also expanding, which has trained abundant excellent talents for the development of our country and society. The academy system model is the inevitable trend of the development of colleges and universities, which is widely welcomed by the educational circles and points out a new direction and path for talent cultivation. The demand for innovative talents in all fields of society is increasing, which requires not only mastering rich scientific and cultural knowledge, but also enhancing practical operation ability to meet the work requirements of each post. Therefore, the academy system should be adopted as an opportunity to reform the current training program of innovative talents. This paper analyzes the necessity of the academy system and explores the innovative talent cultivation strategy based on the academy system.

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