Discussion on How to Improve the Teaching Efficacy of Chinese University Teachers from the Perspective of Information Leadership

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Xiu’e Gao, Wei Chen


With the widespread use of the Internet, the era of resource sharing has come. As one of the important goals of the United Nations in promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) has gradually infiltrated into schools, and the informationization of education has become increasingly prominent. According to the current trend of educational development, the key to educational reform and development lies in information-based teaching, which supports the reform of teachers' sustainable teaching methods. Through the explanation of information-based teaching leadership, and taking College of Food Engineering, Jilin Engineering Normal University as the research object, this study puts forward the strategies to improve university teachers' teaching efficacy from the perspective of teachers' information-based teaching leadership. The purpose of this study is to provide reference for related research.

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