The Semantic Contents of Contemporary Graffiti Design

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Esam Ibrahim Mohamed, Ammar Sabah Shaker, Wisam Abdul Ameer Kareem


The graffiti designer seeks to express what he feels, sees, and believes in, and seeks to attract attention. Through him, he attempts to depict the value of personality and the suffering of society. It has many goals and objectives that are humorous and indiscriminate, but it has connotations, goals, and meanings that its executors seek to communicate their ideas. The research deals with (the significant meaning in the contents of contemporary graffiti design), as it was devoted to the research methodology. The researchers identified its question in it to arrive at the semantic depth that it contains within it, as well as analyzing its content and also within its limits represented by the phenomenon of the Covid-19 virus. The researchers adopted the descriptive approach as the method of content analysis in the analysis procedures to achieve the goal of the research. The reasons for choosing samples according to justification are their distinction, as the selected sample contains a variety of patterns and methods that help explore the diversity of its rhetorical system and the importance of meaning.

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