The Significance of the Structures of Attributes and Diminutives in the Texts of Muhammad Khudair

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Zainab Amoori Dawood, Dr. Hind Abbas Ali


The research aims at selecting models from the structures of attributes and diminutives in the texts of the creative Iraqi writer (Muhammad Khudair) and studying them in a morphological and semantical approach. Its selection was based on its real or symbolic significance, the statement of its lexical and morphological meaning, and the analysis of Muhammad Khudair’s employment of these structures in the contexts of his various texts, whether the employment was real or figurative, in order to convey the meaning and achieve interaction between the text and the reader, as well as revealing what Muhammad Khudair possesses of rich in linguistics and creative capabilities that make his texts a piece of art and beauty. The research plan was based on an introduction, followed by the body of the research, then the most important results, then the margins, followed by a list of sources and references. The research methodology necessitated following the analytical approach at the morphological and semantical levels.

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