Influence of Leadership Behavior and Communication Ability of Madrasah Principals to Teacher Learning Management in State Junior Madrasah Aliyah at Banjar Regency

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The principals of a madrasah is not just a leader figure who obeys all the commandments and rules he makes, but the principals of the madrasah should  also be a guardian of his subordinates. The behavior of the principals of the madrasah should also be supported by communication that shows a friendly, close, considerate attitude towards the teachers, always open to criticism and suggestions, so as to support the teacher's duty in managing learning. This research aims to determine the influence of leadership behavior and communication skills of madrasah principals to the management of teacher learning Madrasah Aliyah Negeriat Banjar Regency.This research are uses a population of 95 Madrasah Aliyah Negeri teachers in Banjar Regency. The instrument of data collection is questionnaire, which has fulfilled the validity and reliability test. using the Moment Pearson Product regression and reliability using Alpha. Croncah was tested to 30 respondents taken outside the populationand sample.Result of research: (1) there are leadership behavior of madrasah principals to teacher learning management Madrasah Aliyah Negeri at BanjarRegencyto 59,7%; (2) there are communication ability of madrasah principals to teacher learning management with participation Madrasah Aliyah Negeri at Banjar Regencyto 64,4%, and (3) there are alongside leadership behavior and communication ability of madrasah principals to teacher learning management Madrasah Aliyah Negeri at Banjar Regency of 69,2%.Suggestions: (1) Teachers are advised to plan assessments according to the objectives and evaluation criteria, organize learning facilities, carry out appraisals, conceptualize learning appraisals, (2) Madrasah principals are recommended to help teachers solve problems, assist the work to be easy, and formed. Provide balanced communication opportunities, appreciate ideas/suggestions, give responses that explain, have no interest in themselves, maintain alignment, caring, and create an atmosphere of joy to teachers in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri, (3) The HeadOffice of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Banjar Regency recommended holding workshop to improve the ability of madrasah principals in improving leadership behaviors and effective communication skills to teachers, organizing training for teachers in managing learning in organizing learning facilities, evaluation and assessment of learning.

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