Expressing Emotiveness In Different Linguistic Levels

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Khushnuda Samigova, Mamurova Mehrinoz Jamil Qizi


Today's Research In The Fields Of Cognitive Linguistics, Linguoculturology, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Ethnolinguistics,Ttranslation Studies, Linguistics Requires A Comprehensive Analysis Of Words, Phrases And Phraseological Units. Comparative Study Of The Linguistic Units Related To Affection In English And Uzbek Is Important In Finding Solutions To The Above-Mentioned Issues. The Author Analyzes The Theoretical Views Of Scientist In These Languages. The Views Of Scientists On The Functional Semantic Field Were Studied Objectively. The Relevance Of The Topic, The Level Of Study, The Methods Used In The Article Are Briefly Described. The Purpose And Objectives Of The Article, The Results And Considerations, Conclusion Are Given In This Work. The Purpose Of The Article Is To Analyze Comparatively Of Words Of Endearment In Linguistic Levels Of English And Uzbek, As Well As Scientifically To Prove Their Similarities And Differences. The Tasks Of The Article Is To Analyze Different Theoretical Views Of Scientists On The Topic, To Reveal Allomorphic And Isomorphic Features Of The Affectionate Terms In Conducted Languages. This Article Presents The Views And Comments On The Results Of The Analysis Carried Out On The Functional Semantic Field Of Affection In The English And Uzbek Language Phonetic, Morphological, Lexical, Syntactic Levels. Commenting On The Scientific Conclusions Reached On The Basis Of These Analyzes, The Author Says That The Allomorphic And Isomorphic Features Of Languages ​​Can Be Revealed Only By Conducting Comparatively The Functional Semantic Field Of Affection ​​In Unrelated Languages. The Results Of The Article Can Be Useful In Solving Translation Problems During Translation Process, As Well As They Can Be Used In Learning And Teaching English, Conducting Research By Teachers And Students.The Results Of The Research And Scientific Conclusions Can Be Used In Carrying Out Scientific Researches In Comparative Linguistics, Translation Studies. The Materials Of The Research Can Be In Great Use In Defining The National-Cultural Peculiarities Of The Languages In Linguistics And Translation Studies. The Scientific-Theoretical Conclusions Of The Thesis Will Also Serve To Further Improvement Of The Teaching And Educational Process.

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