Prevalence Of Anterior Teeth Fracture Among 3 - 18 Year Old Pediatric Patients Visiting A Dental College

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Padmaharish V, Pradeep Kumar R, Deepa G


Trauma to the teeth is a common reason for emergency room visits among children, with the maxillary anterior teeth being mostly affected. The majority of dental injuries involving the anterior teeth result from simple falls, accidents, sports activities or childish pranks. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of anterior teeth fracture among pediatric patients visiting a private dental college. A retrospective hospital based study was conducted by evaluating and analysing 5606 pediatric patient case records who had undergone treatment at Saveetha dental college and Hospitals from June 2019 - March 2020. Data such as  patient age, gender, prevalence of anterior teeth fracture, tooth no. and type of anterior teeth fracture based on Ellis classification were documented. Descriptive and inferential statistics was done using IBM SPSS software. The results of this study conclude that the most common tooth involved in anterior teeth trauma was central incisors. The most prevalent type of anterior teeth fracture was Ellis class 2, followed by Ellis class 1 and Ellis class 3. There was a significant association between age, gender and anterior teeth fracture (p=0.000), with a higher prevalence among children aged between 9 to 11 years and male children.

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