Discursive Collaborative Networks in a Coffee-Growing Town

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Leticia María González-Velázquez, Arturo Sánchez-Sánchez, Javier Carreón-Guillén, Cruz García-Lirios, Francisco Espinoza Morales,Jorge Hernandez Valdés


Often times, the meaning of collaborative work is the result of rational, deliberate, planned and systematic thinking in which those involved have common objectives, tasks and goals in order to achieve endogenous development, but in an opposite sense the the purpose of this research is about the differences between representatives of economic and social agents, public and private sectors, as well as between civil and political actors.A qualitative, interpretive, comprehensive and hermeneutical work was carried out with informants representing groups of officials, businessmen and vendors dedicated to the commercialization of coffee. The Delphi technique was used for the analysis of discourses and narratives, finding a common line about the instrumentation of collaborative work as a symbol of differentiation and legitimation of the asymmetries between the informants. Lines of research concerning diversity and the inclusion of other actors in the local development process are recommended.

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