The Differences In Blood Pressure Changes Between Benson Relaxation And Emotional Healing In Pregnant Women With Hypertension

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Nunung Mulyani , Siti Sa’adah Mardiah, Yulia Herliani ,Wawan Rismawan


There are 839 cases of hypertension in pregnancy, this case is estimated to increase in 2025 with a total of 1.15 billion or around 29 of the world's total population (WHO, 2015). 80% of AKI is due to complications during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery. The direct causes of maternal death are bleeding (25%), usually postpartum hemorrhage, sepsis (15%), hypertension in pregnancy (12%), obstructed labor (8%), complications of unsafe abortion (13%), and other causes. (8%) (WHO, 2018. Globally eclampsia occurs in 0.5 percent of live births and 4.5 percent of hypertension in pregnancy (Saifudin, 2010). Objective: to determine the differences in changes in blood pressure between Benson relaxation techniques and emotional healing in mothers pregnant with hypertension. Method: quasi experimental approach with pretest posttest group design The first group with Benson relaxation and the second group with Emotional Healing Result and Discussion: Difference in mean blood pressure before and after the Benson systolic relaxation intervention +25.68 mmHg whereas diastolic +7.46 and Emotional Healing systolic 14.09 mmHg while distolic 4.03 mmHg, so that Benson Relaxation has a greater effect on reducing systolic blood pressure than Emotional Heali ng of 1.8 and Benson Relaxation have a greater effect on lowering diastolic blood pressure than Emotional Healing by 1.9. The pre-post intervention comparison, both Benson relaxation and emotional healing, all showed a p value <0.005, so all of them were statistically significant. Conclusion: the average blood pressure before the Benson relaxation was systolic 153.23 while diastolic 94.73 became systolic 127.55, diastolic 87.27, whereas before emotional healing was carried out, namely systolic 141.45, diastolic 97.45 and after systolic emotional healing 127.36, diastolic 87.42, there is a significant difference between benson relaxation and emotional healing with a value of <0.001

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