Impact And Adverse Effects On The Youth Of Crippled Language Used In Social Media

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Dr. Geetali Tilak, Aatif Sundke


The sole purpose of the current study was to understand texting style, use of non-existing elements while texting, and to identify the most frequently used crippled language on social media. The group for the study was youth who were actively using social media regularly. The method adopted by the researcher was survey and through observation data was compiled. The major and astonishing findings are; frequent use of crippled language in texting and relying on auto spell on mobile or internet, badly affect the ability of using the correct spellings. The study also suggested that the frequent use of non-existing signs, symbols were increased while texting on social media. Youth have developed their set pattern of crippled languages, their capabilities of applying correct spelling are gone astray misdirection. Speedily texting increase misspells and it harms their writing style. It is also observed that the use of ‘Backspace’ or ‘Delete’ tab or button frequently used while typing, writing or texting. The youth largely rely on auto text while chatting or typing on social media platforms. Even the use of emoticons, GIFs, abbreviations, self-developed signs language, symbols, are common among youth’s texting and it keeps changing or evolving.

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