A Study On Didactics Of 2021- Fiercely Creative Teaching

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Dr. Ambar Beharay, Dr. Rohit Tilak


In the 21st century, a lot of new technological discoveries, such as advanced computing, the internet, the use of robots, and artificial intelligence, are occurring. The second half of the 20th century is described as the "the Era of Electronics and Knowledge." In the new century, what will the school be different? Learning theory is a hot topic these days because our lives do not only include school but the rest of our experiences, from childhood on as well. As of course of time now, you can hear, a lot of complaint can be made that classrooms have not changed significantly. With respect to changing the world, are teachers better off than ever today? The aim of the chapter is to put existing practises and interpretations in the context of new teaching methods and research findings. This chapter looks at four topics: learning, the progress of environmental pedagogy, growing kids in the digital age, and in-teacher changes. The educational theory has two layers to explain: literally and metaphorically. At the micro, societal, “education,” and the globalisation of education, decentralisation, and emerging technologies all come into play there is a strong and interactive blend of both in the micro-level “teacher-learner” approach and global education.

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