Shift In Method Of Education From Offline To Online, Due To COVID – 19: Parents Experience (Study Pertaining To Maharashtra State In India)

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Mr. Mahesh Randhave , Mr. Dhiraj Shingare , Mr. Vishal Alkonda,


In the middle of COVID-19 corona virus pandemic situation in India people from academic fieldare still trying to cope up with the situation by following new normal way of living. The studyexplores the parents experience about online education system in the state of Maharashtra, India.Study shows both sides of online education system during pandemic. A likert scale questionnairewas designed to distribute amongst the parents of different age group to collect all the needfuldatafor theresearch.

Questionnaire was sent to parents through Google form in defined geographical area and onlyvalidresponsesconsideredforstudy.Also,thestudyofliteratureisdonethroughvariousresearch papers, articles and journals to understand the concept. It is observed that parents areaware about the importance of online education system in such a pandemic situation. But stillthere are many parents who are in support of off line education system as they say that it is theonly correct method for the academic and social development of children. Furthermore, parentswho monitored their children during online education experienced, it resulted better in terms ofunderstandingthetopics,engagementduringtheclass,effectiveutilizationofinternetconnection, not as much of stressful as offline education etc. and felt it is a necessity in currentpandemic situation.Tosummariestheexperiencesofparentsregarding online andoff lineeducation, all of them agreed on the fact that it should be mixture of online education and off lineeducationsystem fortheoverall development ofchildren.

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