Need For Adoption Of Digital Communication Skills In The Teaching-Learning Process Post Covid Crisis

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Bharati Motwani, Dheeraj Singh, Sanika Kulkarni, Lalit Shetty


Teaching is often perceived to be two halves; the first half is based on information whereas the other is predicted on communicational or interpersonal capacity of both the teachers and learners. It is necessary for a teacher not only to provide a good lesson but also to deliver the lesson efficiently in the classroom. Effective and productive communication skills in the field of teaching, institutional management and class engagement are very important. In a multilingual country like India, teachers have trouble determining whether to use English, how to use English with the combination of learner’s first language, how to speak in student-friendly language and even their ability to communicate effectively.

For a while now, digital technology is transforming the way we communicate with each other. But in formal situations like work or school, one cannot be sure as to what form of communication is appropriate. It is thus wise to say that communication is just not about sharing information but rather creating it. There are many experts who have put forward some important points on what one should do when it comes to emailing, video-conferencing, and using the phone for business calls or voice mail.

There is need therefore to understand the importance of digital communication skills in education. Teachers will have to recognize that digital teaching has now come on front foot and they need to offer innovative and meaningful approaches to students in this form of education.

This study looks at digital communication as an important part of teacher’s skills and its importance in today’s times. The researchers have done the research based on survey study with samples from teachers, professors and subject experts who have used the online form of teaching. Based on the responses, the researchers have studied the importance of digital communication skills in teachers.

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