Evolving New Educational Era with Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence: Future of E-Learning

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Supriya Nagarkar, Minal D. Kalamkar , Dr. Abhijit T. Parchure


Currently, rising technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence support the process of e-learning scenarios in a positive manner. In modern teaching-learning approach and technology-based learning and teaching like; Machine Learning and artificial intelligence supports both teachers and students. With the evolution and adaptation of information and communication technology (ICT), multiple education applications have emerged in the current era. Hence, many institutes and universities have employed these systems to ensure better teaching and learning among students. In the performed scientific studies, many positive outcomes of machine learning-based e-learning support in the education field. As a result, one can predict that the future of e-learning will ultimately depend on artificial intelligence. Here, in this paper, the study aims to understand the importance of machine learning and the artificial intelligence-based future of e-learning.

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