Online Exams During COVID-19: Teacher's Perspective

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Dr Pooja Agarwala, Dr Shweta Phadke, Dr Pranati Tilak


Background and Purpose- COVID 19 a highly infectious disease was declared as a pandemic on 11th March 2020 by WHO. The COVID19 pandemic resulted in a nationwide lockdown wherein the colleges had to be shut. The teachers and students had to switch to Online mode of learning. The purpose of this study is to check the teachers’ perspective regarding conduction of E exams amidst the pandemic.

Objectives were to understand the efficacy of e-exams, benefits of the exams and also the problems faced by the teachers while conducting the same.

Methods- Self-made questionnaire was circulated as google forms  to all teachers of Physiotherapy and management faculties. A total of 41 responses were obtained and the data was then analysed to check for the pros and cons of e-exams from teachers’ perspective

Results- The teachers had to take high efforts when it came to conducting exams online , they also faced a lot of network connectivity issues and had a lack of the necessary technical skills required to conduct exams. There was plagiarism in the answers written by students too with poor presentations skills and lack of sincerity in appearing for the exams.

Conclusion-The teachers will prefer Offline mode of exams in the near future and they did not find it too easy or too difficult to conduct the exams, rather the level of difficulty was- medium.

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