The Dynamics of Transformational Leadership Style: Evidence from Indonesia

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Gretty Syatriani Saleh, Haedar Akib, Juriko Abdussamad, Rifdan, Jasruddin Daud Malago


This study aims to describe the transformational leadership style of Pohuwato Regent in running the governance and development in Gorontalo Province. This study uses a quantitative descriptive approach with a sample of 134 civil servants distributed in proportionate stratified random. Data collection used a questionnaire which was analyzed with descriptive statistics. The results showed that the Regent of Pohuwato in running the governance and development in Gorontalo Province tended to use transformational leadership style by displaying inspirational motivation, charisma or idealized influences, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration or individualized attention. However, there are still some indicators that compose aspects of transformational leadership styles that are rarely or never carried out including the attitude of two-way communication, believing in the vision can be achieved, asking the status quo, encouraging innovations or the latest perspectives and giving full responsibility to subordinates. This research has implications for the development of leadership styles in the future.

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