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Kanittha Lertbunchardwong


Rape myth among college students have been around for decades in Thailand. Although it has both academic and non- academic purposes, only a few studies have been investigated at the tertiary level. The purposes of this study are to investigate Rape Myth among colleges students and guidelines for preventing and solving rape problem in the university. This study was using a mix-method research. Quantitative sample included 400 colleges students in Bangkok and qualitative sample included 20 representatives of college administrator, instructor, college staff and college student. A set of questionnaires and focus group in-depth interview were used. The research was divided into 8 aspects including general ideas, rape cause, relevant factors, wife or lover rape, risk management, action plan, communication and remedy. The study findings revealed that average rape myth among college students was high, being a female caused rape at any time, any place and at any age, there was nothing to guarantee that acquaintances or intimates would not exploit and rape, no restraint was the major rape cause, process of judgement towards rape crime should be improved and effective, and rape myth would be reduced by good instruction or guidance since childhood. Therefore, the social communication about rape should be designed and improved appropriately. This study reflex rape myth among college students to be changed into human right and gender equality and analysis cause and effect of rape based on current belief in the society. This research suggests for preventing and solving rape problem was to educate college students to respect civil right and sexuality in order to eliminate the obsession with rape myth. The policy suggestion was for education institutes to have a main agency to handle complaints, provide consultation, assistance and remedy for the victims directly.  Education institutes should provide courses of moral and ethics, respect for human and dignity and gender equality leading to solve rape myth problem in the university.

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