“Social Marketing” within the Social Entrepreneurship Research Context: A Systematic Literature Review

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Fernando, P.I.N., Jayawardhana, K., Siyambalapitiya, J.


Social entrepreneurship could be considered as a hybrid model with; profit and non-profit actions, that bleared the traditional boundaries among the public, private, and nonprofit categories, and simultaneously, affordable solutions for societal issues. herein the hybrid package of the “charity and commercial business” at the same, will lead to social enterprises that become prominent economic and social contributors among the globe. Moreover, social marketing refers to the application of the marketing concept catering the social problems with innovative answers. In that light, the objective of this paper is to systemize and organize the contemporary knowledge on social marketing from the social enterprise research context to identify the knowledge gap. Herein; (1) Citation analysis, and (2) Thematic analysis has been conducted to discover core themes within the context. Research articles were selected from well-reputed databases; Web of Science, Social Science Citation Index, and Google Scholar, during the period of September-November 2020. Thematic analysis was conducted, and five parental themes have been developed, (a) Issues within the social marketing context, (b) Social Marketing strategies, (c) Social marketing and organization, (d) Social enterprise dualities, and (e) Implications of the social marketing. Study findings will provide the future research direction for empirical analysis.


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