Exploring the MOOC model of Online Education in light of COVID-19 Pandemic: An enquiry

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Dr. Soumitro Chakravarty, Dr. Umesh Prasad


In the present era when the world is trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic through preventive measures like social distancing, taking greater care of personal and oral hygiene and so on, professionals are required to work from home. There has been a very pronounced shift in the way educational contents are to be delivered across educational institutions owing to the suspension of normal classes and uncertainty is prevailing over the period when normal classes will resume again. Given this scenario, educators are entrusted with the responsibility of working from home and ensuring effective online delivery of contents to students through available digital teaching platforms. In this context, we try to look into the potential of MOOCs as a new mode of education which has further gained importance owing to the current suspension of conventional classes across all institutions globally. The present paper seeks to analyze the impact, potential and challenges associated with MOOCs in the present era of online education in the wake of the pandemic COVID-19.

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