Lived Experiences of the Business Owners on No Plastic Policy of Ormoc City

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Genelyn M. Calzada


The aim of this study is to examine what business owners are experiencing while enforcing the no plastic policy. This research was carried out in different businesses within the city of Ormoc. Twenty participants who are company owners or representatives of business are included in this research.  The research style of the analysis uses qualitative phenomenological design.  The methodology used to perform the analysis was to answer open-ended questions through interviews. Conceptual analysis were used to analyze the result.  The information collected is coded within the total population number.  Throughout the general sample size, common information will be tallied throughout the overall sample size.  The result gathered by the researcher on the issues and challenges that business owners were facing are the inconvenience of paper bags, costly alternative packaging, and the preference of consumers for plastic.  The coping mechanisms of business owners for their concerns is by increasing the price of their goods, encouraging consumers to BYOB or bring your own bag, and, despite customer complaints, sticking to the policy because they will be penalised if they failed to do so. Businesses benefited from this program because it significantly reduces the waste production and is eco-friendly..

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