Real-Time Application of Active Noise Cancellation for Security of Human Life and Property in concern with social well being

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Janak kapoor, G.R Mishra, Ajita Pathak, Manish Rai


Active noise cancellation is the process of suppression of narrowband interference from a wideband signal using adaptive filtering techniques. There are several advantages of active noise cancellation over conventional passive noise cancellation techniques. Such advantages make active noise cancellation applicable to a wide range of problems and challenges posed in various real-time environments. This paper emphasizes the application of ANC on real-time problems and proposes different models for such applications where ANC can prove to be a better option as compared to passive noise cancellation. the paper proposes a real-time application of active noise cancellation in establishing noise-free communication between security personals, firefighters during an emergency fire situation or maintaining law and order in a crowded and noisy location, the paper describes the use of noise cancellation techniques in ensuring social well-being and saving innocent lives and property.

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