Regional Variations of Agricultural Productivity in Rice Cultivation in Thoubal District of Manipur

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P. Robinson Singh, L. Sunil Singh


The cultivation of land is the prime concern of agriculture. The production of crops is the achievement that depends on the physical and socio-economic conditions. For the development of agriculture in a region, agricultural productivity is one of the main components to be considered. Thoubal district being the part of the valley of Manipur is an agriculturally dominated area of the state and therefore, the economy of the district largely depends on the cultivation of rice. The total area under rice cultivation was 29.71 thousand hectares which accounted for 30 percent of the valley portion of Manipur. Nearly two-third of its population were engaged in agriculture. In spite of favourable physiographic and agro-ecological conditions, it is observed that the paddy cultivation in the district is still practised with traditional method of farming.

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