Learning effectiveness improvement through mobile learning

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Hasan Baharun, Dakir, Fathor Rozi, Muhammad Wisolus Sholihin, Moh Faisol, Abdul Aziz Marsida, Dahlan Abdullah, Nursan Junita, Ratri Candrasari, Dwi Fitri, Cut Ita Erliana


This research was conducted to identify the ulitization of mobile learning in making learning effective during the pandemic at SMK Nurul Jadid Paiton Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. This research used a qualitative method approach with case study. The results showed that; the use of mobile learning in making learning effective during this pandemic is carried out through several stages, that is; planning, which includes the preparation of materials, methods, media, and evaluation techniques that will be used in learning activities. Furthermore, the results of the planning are implemented in mobile learning activities and evaluated according to the planned expectations.

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