Customers’ Perception Towards Victimization Practices In Banking

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S.Sathish, Dr.Chi.Nanjappa


The Technological Development In The Banking Sector Began With The Use Of Advanced

Ledger Posting Machines (Alpm) In The 1980s And Now-A-Days Banks Are Using Core Banking Solution (Cbs) For Providing Better Services To Their Customers. Information Technology And The Communication Networking Systems Have Revolutionized The Functioning Of Banks And Other Financial Institutions All Over The World.  Though The Technological Developments Have Taken Place, Still People Are Having Very Limited Access With The Technologies In Bank. This Helps The Fraudsters To Cheat The People By Using So Many Tricks. The Trick Has Been Named As Cyber Crime. As There Is No Physical Evidence To These Crimes, Criminals Are Free To Act. In This Background, The Study Has Been Carried Out To Know The Awareness Level Of Customers About Cyber Crimes And Their Satisfaction Level Towards The Protection Made By Their Banks. This Study Consisted Of 540 Sample Respondents And The Information Collected From Them Were Analysed With Help Of Spss 23.0. The Findings Of The Study Have Been Summarised And Concluded With Suitable Suggestions.

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