A Survey of Teaching Resources for Tertiary Education in the Context of the New Normal

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Roselyn A. Ymana, Ethel Reyes-Chua, Lemellu Nida Sarmiento


In the country and internationally, Covid-19 has made a huge improvement in the educational sector. All the organizations have now resorted to online learning, which has allowed administrators, instructors, and the society explore better platforms for their learners. Virtual classes are held everywhere and during this pandemic, teachers are asked to identify the best Online Teaching Resources (OTR's). The objectives of this qualitative study was to identify the different OTRs relevant to tertiary education and the new normal context and to critically analyze the benefits, drawbacks, and usefulness of these resources in tertiary education.   The documentary analysis was used in the simulated learning system to identify, review, analyze, compare, and contrast the usefulness and practicality of the OTR's. Findings show that these OTR’s were identified as: (1) Learning Management System (2) Assessment Methods and (3) Surveys and Polls, among others to support the processes of teaching and learning. It was also found out that there were several online teaching resources (OTR's) open, but few of them are free of charge, and can be used at tertiary level by the majority of teachers. The challenge is to assess the specified list of OTRs for tertiary teachers and use them in the classroom environment and figure out their effectiveness in the future.

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