Worklife Balance In Covid-19: A Study On Women Employees In Janaushadi Stores

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Milton Solomon Christopher, Dr. C. Sundar,


Healthcare Sector Is One Of The Significant Sectors That Played Major Role In Coiv-19 Pandemic Situation In Indian. Healthcare Sector In India Is Experiencing Many Challenges Due To The Lock Down And Curfews At Many Places Of India. The Research Study Was Commenced Only Among Women Employees Of Jan Aushadhi Store Chennai City. The Study Conclusions Arrived On The Basis Of Data Received From Women Employees At Jan Aushadhi Store. To Collect The Data From The Women In Jan Aushadhi Store A Questionnaire Was Prepared. The Study Findings Clear That Women Employee Working In Jan Aushadhi Store Play A Crucial Role To Complete Their Day To Day Activity In Both Work And House. Apart From The Two Women Working In Jan Aushadhi Store Have Multifaceted Role To Manage Society, Friends And Etc. The Study Findings Clear That There Is A Need For Jan Aushadhi Store Management To Focus On Aspects Life Awards And Rewards For The Welfare Of Jan Aushadhi Store Women Employees.

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