Development of Superior Food Safety Management from Household in Covid-19 Pandemic and New Normal1

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Dumasari Dumasari


Superior food protection management in households is urgent and crucial when facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the New Normal. Panic due to the scarcity and the increasing price of foods can be overcome with the development of protection management. This study examines the design for developing superior food safety management in households during the COVID-19 and New Normal pandemics. The research method is a survey with a qualitative approach. The research location was deliberately set in Banyumas Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The study results show that there are five types of superior food consumed regularly by the informant's household. The five are staple foods, side dishes, vegetables, fruits, and spices. The informant's households faced the scarcity and the increasing price of these superior foods. It is just that every informant household has superior food safety management, which is still not completing the satisfactory factor during the pandemic and New Normal times. The development of superior food safety management in informant households requires completeness and readiness of economic elements, technology, local resources, and cooperation. The ability and skill of being aware are some of the elements that contribute to building superior food safety management. The key to the development of superior food safety also lies in the household's independence in adapting to the problems of COVID-19 and the New Normal.

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