Significance Of Applying Religiosity And Resilience In Islamic View Among Mpob Staf When Observing The Movement Control (Order Mco) During The Covid 19 Pandemic

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Ahmad Sunawari Long , Ab Rahman, Z. , Mohd Noor, A.Y , Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi


The Study Examined The Relationship Of Religiosity And Resilience In Islamic View When Observing The Movement Control (Order Mco) During The Covid 19 Pandemic. At Present, There Is An Almost Global Lockdown, And Social Distancing Appears To Be Having Some Effect On Reducing The Prevalence Of Infection. One Aspect Of The Lockdown Is That Places Of Worship Have Been Temporarily Closed And The Internet Has Become The Primary Locus Of Religious Activity. Most Coping Strategies Agree With The Internalization Of Religion As A Strategy That Can Help Alleviate Stress Spiritual Elements Can Create A Deep Impact In Helping A Person Search For The True Meaning Of Life. They Believe The Internalization Of Religion As Symbolic Of Their Bond With God. The Stronger A Person’s Bond With God, The Easier It Is For Them To Find Peace And Move On With Life. A Theory That Matches This Research Is Imam Ghazali’s Al-Alqab Theory. The Theory States That All Human Behaviour Originates From The Heart (Al Qalb). Resilience Means The Ability To Survive By Recovering From A Situation Or Returning To Its Original Shape After Been Compressed, Stretched Or Bent. When The Term Resilience Is Used In Psychology It Means A Person’s Ability To Quickly Recover From Changes, Sickness, Accidents, Or Adversities. Opined That Patience Is The Withholding Of Natural Inclinations To Avoid Inappropriate Occurrences, Withholding From Complaining And Withholding Oneself (Body) From Doing Something Negative, Such As Slapping One’s Own Face Or Tearing One’s Clothes When Something Unfortunate Happens. Patience Has A Positive Relationship With Resilience, Which Translates To Not Giving Up Easily When Faced With A Dire Situation. This Is Indicated In Another Study Which Suggested That Internal Factors Do Strongly Influence An Individual’s Resilience.

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