Work Life Balance and Its Impact on Employee Retention A Study on Eye Doctors In Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu

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Gowrishankkar V, A.Martin Jayaraj


Employee retention is a big problem for hospitals in modern times. The lifeblood of every hospital is doctors. They are the most diverse and critical asset in any hospital. Due to the current economic recession, doctor’s retention has become a significant challenge which will require the focus and consideration of many hospitals. There is strong competition in the market with all-round growth in all sectors of the economy. With this development and competition, there are lots and lots of avenues and opportunities are available in the hands of the doctors. The biggest challenge that hospitals are facing today is not only managing doctors but also retaining them. For any hospital, retaining and maintaining trained doctors is a key component of a hospital where expertise and skills are necessary to improve and able to be economically competitive. Keeping into account, the research is carried out to identify the issues and factors related to work life balance which can contribute to employee retention and to know the economic status for retention of doctors. The study's target population was 150 doctors. The respondents were taken from the district Coimbatore for the survey.

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