Smart ATM Security System

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L.Annie Isabella ,Aravindharaj P , Barath Ec, Barath W, Sriganesh K,A.Xavier


In the current world, the use of ATM to pull out cash has been expanded additionally robbery cases have likewise expanded. We need more secured system which adds second layer of security. In this paper, we are proposing a new technique by using both finger print and RFID for ATM transaction. The transaction will happen in two phases, for the original user, he can swipe/scan his card in ATM, after he scans his fingerprint, then the transaction will begin and he can withdraw his money. For other users the transaction is done by a second person who has RFID card and it will picture the face and send the image of the person through mail. If the card holder responds to the message, the transaction will proceed. If any unauthorized transaction take place user will receive a message. The transaction will take place only if the original user responds. The ultimate aim of this paper is to secure the ATM transactions that is made by the unauthorised person and also notify the transaction to the cardholder for his concern

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