Real Time Performance Monitoring Of Solar Panel

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Alexander Jeevanandham Y, Govind K , Jeevaharan M J , Kamalesh M , Natarajan V


With the depletion of fossil fuels and increase in Power usage, People started using Renewable Energy resources particularly Solar energy in tropical countries like India. But most of the customers still have difficulties interpreting conventional energy meters. In most of the existing systems, solar panel monitoring is done by a current sensor, voltage sensor, raspberry-pi, wi-fi module, and the output is shown using 3rd party applications which costs more and have security issues. Hence we have created a system using photovoltaic cell, Arduino UNO, Ina219, and the output is shown on our own website using Nodejs and MongoDB where both the customer and service provider has access to the data in a more understandable way. These data will be computed and an automated mail will be triggered in case the panel needs maintenance

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