An Empirical Study on Empowering Women of Rajasthan through Microfinace

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Rejoice Solomon, Dr. Ranu Sharma


Self-help-Group a small group women of same socioeconomic background of rural women who themselves start their lending only when they have enough capital in their group. Each group member deposits a small amount in the group unless and until they do not have a large amount for the lending process. Self-help-groups works under the guidance of microfinance. The main motive of microfinance is to empower the women in-order-to eliminate the poverty. Because through women only the poverty can be eliminate as they are the base of the family. The aim of this paper is to analyse the empowerment of women under three different aspects, they are; Psychological empowerment, political empowerment and legal empowerment. Framed three hypotheses to understand the effect of microfinance on the three aspects of empowerment. Data was collected by the use of survey method 496 questionnaire was  being filled  by the women of Rajasthan in Alwar district for the study and with the help of statistical package for social science the collected data was analysed. Results show a positive impact on women in all the three aspects

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