Factors Influencing Employees’ Productivity- Literature Review

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Qais Ahmed Almaamari, Husain Isa Alaswad


Employees’ productivity is critical to raise employees’ performance which contributes to the success of organizations, and it is influenced by many factors. This research aims at examining the influence of work environment, leadership styles, and organizational culture on employees’ productivity. There are several previous research and studies done in exploring what affect the productivity, and this research will focus on three aspects. The results show that the democratic leadership style is known to be the best to increase productivity. However, it might be different from one country to another and from one context to another. As for organizational culture, it was found that conflict, solidarity, creativity, and goal clarity are the most powerful factors that influence productivity. Moreover, work environment like air, temperature, light, space, sound, and color have impact on productivity but many other factors play a role in that

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