An Examination of Bore-well Rescue Robot

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Sriramireddy.K , D.Satyanarayana , M.Y.N.V.S.S.Gupta , D.Veera Babu


In India, we get some news like a child has struck up in a bore well, and it takes more than16 to 24 hours save a child. Borewell accidents are common because of uncovered openings of bore well at farms and home surroundings. In some cases, it is too difficult to save the child from the bore well. Dragging the child out from the narrow hole of bore well is not easy. It is difficult to protect children who fall into a bore well by using exhausting methods, because a child who falls into a bore hole has no gaps between the walls of the bore well, so he is stuck there. That's why he's so screwed up but all the extinguishing methods were designed such that the robotic could hold it up or send a balloon down the pillow to support it. But what they have forgotten is that there is no gap in the support balloons or robotic arm to catch the child. In this study paper, we analyze the problems associated with the bore well rescue operations. We also present details of various existing robot systems available in use. Along with this, we discuss how robotics and automation could be a possible solution for this entire problem. In this context, we discuss the features of such a robotic system and also give suggestions on various humankind robotic systems that can be designed and implemented..

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