Self-OptimisingNetworks for Self-Interference Avoidance

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Waseem Ahmed , Dr. Sayed Abdulhayan


Self Optimising Networks are the most promising technologies which has been evolved in the recent times. It was first introduced by third generation partnership project. It’s an intelligent Self Automatic technology to monitor the overall cellular network without any human interaction .Self Optimising Networks are Self-Healing, Self-Organising, Self-Correcting, Self-Configuring, Self-Debugging Networks which has wide range of applications in Wireless communication LTE and LTE-ADVANCED Networks. To enhance the Coverage Capacity exponentially, the present day LTE and LTE ADVANCED Networks extensively apply SON. In our approach we reduce Self Interference by applying Layering techniques such as DBLAST and VBLAST , Duplex Filters, KASAMI encoding scheme, time space block codes, trellis code.

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