Diasporic love and identity: the case of displaced during the Partition

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Bidya Singh, Prasanta Kumar Padhi


Partition in a wider term refers to the event associated with globalisation due to technological or political changes. Diasporas plays an important role when it comes to promote the native culture globally. To which Vikram Seth’s contribution is highly regarded, his wide variety of topics such as music, travel, work environment, family and love propelled him to the public limelight. Works of his, The Golden Gate, A Suitable Boy, An Equal Music presents the same argument of love and marriage to discover the true identity of the characters. The search for love, affection, sense of belongingness and self realisation rules his arguments in his works. Seth also tried to speculate the subject in a more personal way to understand the belief system of the characters due to displacement. To sketch sensitive topics like homo-sexuality, inter-religious marriage in the contemporary times helps to evaluate the different meaning of love. The constant stress on adapting the painful subject like loss of child or the way one comes from the so called liberal branch of society are the truths Seth wants to sincerely focus in his works. The paper tries to give an explanation to the abandoned human being who ties to fill the emptiness but it leads to nothing but more emptiness. It also speculates the characters of Seth’s who constantly lives in a twisted society trying to make everything right but fails. The paper will try to untangle the twister of the predicated terrified decisions of the characters of their own priorities and becoming vulnerable to the inflection of affinities. 

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