Impact of Organization Culture on Knowledge Management

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Dr.Madhusmita Dash, Pallavi Padhy


In Today’s competitive market the organizations are frequently cope with the changing needs of the market as well as regulate the way to have a good learning process. To enhance the constancy situation of the firm, the organization has a great approach towards Knowledge management. For the firm to have this approach, a suitable organization culture should be adopted for this arrangement. To prior this things, different studies confirm that the firm’s executives and their managing capabilities should given higher importance. As well as the strategy of the organization should develop in a planned way to get stability in the market. The main aim of this study is to focus the culture and Knowledge management of the organization through the Denison model. With the help of Conrad and Newman model it would help to investigate the process of KM and their effectiveness on the organization through culture. A relationship between culture and KM has been developed from the review of literature and suitable suggestions have been offered concern with the effect of culture on KM.

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