Warning System to Identify Pothole and Speed Breakers on Roads Using JSON Data

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R. Thendral, A. Balachandar


In India potholes are the most important problem which can be multiplied with the aid of each rainy season. Identification of road distress such as potholes and speed humps help to keep away from vehicle damages and accidents. Additionally, it helps to concerned authorities for maintaining public roads. The proposed system is designed as a cost-effective solution for detection of potholes and speed humps on roads. The advanced technique is an interconnection of the detection system, firebase real time database, and map application. This proposed model is used to find the potholes and speed humps on roads along with its geographical location. By the usage of these database drivers are alerted with android application in order to make precautionary measures. In this proposed model we build a mobile- based dynamic reporting system with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data. This stored data is synchronizing in real time to every connected client..

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