Vehicle Diagnostic Process by Reverse Engineering

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P. Sivakumar , Rajalakshmi R


With the advent of virtual vehicular technology, the digital components of customer vehicles have become progressively associated to aid automotive expertise, driving experience and emissions control. Vehicle ECU simulators play a major role in any diagnostic content development activities. To develop function of automobile by electronic controlled system, the difficulty of failure diagnosis is increasing. Rising functionality and complication of prevailing automotive ECUs raise demands on development. Existing systems available in the market which are capable of logging field data is complex, costly and are not able to determine the overall performance of the vehicle due to its limited functionality. The bus configuration of this bus is not publicly confessed by the car manufacturers. Therefore, here needs to apply Reverse engineering techniques. Nevertheless, performing this approach manually is cumbersome and time consuming. Design Engineer often require vital information related to field operating condition, which can be used to improve and optimize their designs So that, propose an automation of the analysis steps of reverse engineering  to upgrade and facilitate the process. This has motivated us to develop a low cost and effective simulator that supports all the CAN protocols and acts as a complete vehicle by simulating multiple ECUs simultaneously.

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