RFID based Smart Phone Interfaced Guidance system for Visually challenged Person

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P.Siva Kumar, R Rajalakshmi, M. Tarak Gopi, Pagadala.Kishore, J. Srinivasa Rao


This Paper is portraying about "RFID based advanced cell interfaced direction framework for outwardly tested individual". As we probably are aware the best trouble for outwardly hindered individuals is seeing snags and thinking about open vehicle like transports. Besides, numerous difficulties looking in rush hour gridlock zone. In the event that they need to move starting with one spot then onto the next, they need direction to help them. Likewise, they need to see the individual before them. To stay away from these circumstances, we propose a "RFID based Smart telephone interfaced direction framework for outwardly tested individuals". For this situation there is a RF innovation (transmitter and recipient) and a voice acknowledgment framework through Bluetooth module, so we consolidate these parts into one and it is not difficult to utilize and simple to act by individuals face the visual test. This will assist individuals with eliminating those deterrents before them and helps in everyone around them, so they don't tragically hit the obstruction. This paper will clarify the plan and highlights associated with the encompassing and encompassing articles.

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